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Recent events

London. 22/09/20 . The songs of the Bolivian 19th Century composer, Pedro Ximénez Abril y Tirado (1780-1856). Online seminar/recital


London. 17/12/20. Las Negrillas: The story of Negrillas: multiracial music from Latin America. Livestreamed


Ripe, Sussex. 22/05/21. Early Music from the New World. Live and livestreamed.


Oxford. 29/05/21. Clarin de la Selva - Renaissance Music of Latin America.  Live and livestreamed.

London. 17/12/21. A Bolivian baroque Christmas: Early Music from the New World.  Live.

London. 18/02/22. British Museum: Origins Festival. In connection with their Peru Exhibition.  Live.


London. 8-9/07/22  Brompton Oratory and Farm Street Churches.  Domenico Zipoli.  San Ignacio de Loyola (UK Premiere).  Live...

Cambridge. 22/10/22  Jesus College Chapel.  and Kassel 20/11/22  Dock 4 Kulturhaus.

The Songs of Pedro Ximénez Abril y Tirado (World Premiere).  Live.

London. 27/10/22  Sands Films Music.

"El Indiano" a dramatised  musical encouter. (World Premiere). Live and online.

London 14/05/23.  St Cyprian's Church.

The Mozart of the Andes.  World Premiere of

Vespers for Corpus Christi by Pedro Ximénez

Abril y TIrado (with Philharmonia Britannica). Live.

London 23/05/23.  Our Lady of the Assumption, Warwick Street, Soho.   Hanaq Pachap: a Feast of Sacred Music.  World Premiere of Manuel Garcia Tibi Omnes Angeli.  Live.

London 24/06/23.  Heath Street Baptist Church, Hampstead.  Songs for Sirina.  Baroque music for voice and guitar.  Live.

London 11-12/08.23.  Arcola Theatre Dalston.

LOYOLA, first UK staged performance of Zipoli's San Ignacio de Loyola.

London 18/11/2023.  Highbury Roundhouse.

A Musical Feast.  Concert, meal & workshop. Live.

"Loyola is a fine example of what festivals such as this one [Grimeborn at Arcola] should be doing - a curious work, delivered with an extremely high level of technical skill, that surprises and stretches its audience."  Broadway World



Iyai Jesuchristo: la Semana Santa Barroca
Bolivian baorque religious music, with music written in the native american languages,
Los Indios
: Or how European composers imagined the South American paradise, following Montaigne and his theory of the noble savage.

Music at The Royal Audience of Charcas and Potosí
Numerous composers and musicians from Spain and Italy traveled there to work and entertain the court, where music flourished.
Los Coflades de la Estleya: una Navidad barroca
: Joyful South American baroque music, ntegrating the music of the Spanish and indians with African rythms.

Catherine of Aragon, a Spanish Queen

She was a patron of music in London/England.  In her isolation she remembered the songs of her country, Spain.

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