Iyai Jesuchristo: la Semana Santa Barroca
Bolivian baorque religious music, with music written in the native american languages, shows the simplicity but the emotional devotion of the manuscripts found in the jesuitic missions of Chiquitos, Moxos.
Los Indios

Or how European composers imagined the South American paradise, following Montaigne and his theory of the noble savage.

Music at The Royal Audience of Charcas and Potosí
Music thrived among the upper classes of the Imperial city of Potosí which, due to the richness of the silver mines of the Cerro Rico, could not only feed Europe but contributed to the first manifestation of globalisation. Numerous composers and musicians from Spain and Italy traveled there to work and entertain the court, where music flourished.
Los Coflades de la Estleya: una Navidad barroca

Christmas is the most joyous celebration in catholic Latin America. This joyfulness is present in South American baroque music, ntegrating the music of the Spanish and indians with African rythms, present in the Negrillas, typical Christmas music where everyone was invited to sing and dance, bringing their own musical and cultural contribution..

Catherine of Aragon, a Spanish Queen

The first wife of Henry VIII came to England where she lived unhappily.   But she was a patron of music in London/England.  In her isolation she remembered the songs of her country, Spain.